Welcome to my web page.

 My name is Leland Wilson. I have cerebral palsy but I love life. I am in a wheelchair but I enjoy painting. My art teacher is Dianne Tennyson. I have low vision. My doctors say that I am “legally blind” and I have nystagmus (shaking eyes) too. I enjoy playing X-box and watching TV (science channel, food network, Smack-down/Raw all star wrestling, and others).

I work at Lowes in Mount Pleasant, SC on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I have worked there for a very long time. On Tuesday and Thursday, I get to go to lunch with a friend and have my art lessons.

I think we all need a hug every day. All of us need one. I give out as many hugs as I can. I hope you enjoy my art.



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